19 juni 2012

Did it work ? yes,but no,but yes.

Did it work ?

Well yes: the tomatoes produced enough electricity to make a little toy 'sing'.
Well not exactly:  It was verrry quied and verry slow. (and only lasted for 2 day's)

What happend?
I think that it did not work optimaal for two main reasons:
1) There was a lot of electricity los due to the way the thin copper wires where connected to the galvenised nail and the copper nail. There was a lot of twisting, turning, touching.
2) I probabely made a mistakes in the connection somewhere.

Now that i know this, i could try it again and avoid these mistakes. 
Right ;-)

Abracadabra. Up in the air and wired.

There they are, up and ready to make electricity.

safety issues

Testing the net and the cables.
The construction  collapsed twice, mayby i should have done this a bit sooner.

an impressionable amount of tomatoes

 120 kilo to be exact.

29 mei 2012

two hundred and forty meters

Collecting and cutting up 240 meter of thin copper wire and 40 meter of thicker wire. (to replace the penny). Aux travaille !

inside the tomato

This is how the copper pennies and the gavanized nails look like after beeing inside the tomato for about a week.

22 mei 2012

Bying tomatoes

Voila! I orderd 800 (bio) tomatoes today.
Here the are growing slowly, unaware of the big job that awaits.