19 mei 2012


I'l need 15.000 tomatoes ! Woeha ha ha. LOL
That is a lot. No really.

I kind of knew that was coming: this is massive.

The multimeter in itself is a challenge to.
It took me ages to find out what 200mA written on the meter is.  It is the maximum  Amps  he'll measures in that position. Ha ! The same with Volts, and with Ohms.
So this is what i measured myself :

I was'nt able to measure the resistance ;-)

ohms ?
Amperes (10 tomatoes in paralel)

1 tomato = 1 volt  (if you leave it still for a bit, if not it's not stable)
10 tomatoes in paralel = 0,14 mA  (Afther a few readings and adjustments)

I decided that i was going to keep the math verry simple.
The resistors are all the same: tomato's.

Watt= Volt x Ampere
Ampere= Volt/Ohms

10 tomatoes in paralell = 0,14 mA
= 0,0014 A

1,2 Volt x 0,0014 Amps = 0,00168 Watt (30 tomatoes)
1 tomato = 0,000056 Watt

The appliance i wanted to use needs 0,84 Watt. That is: 15000 tomatoes !

That leaves only 1 conclusion: time for plan B.

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